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High Speed Rail Comment Period Expanded!

"Vote" early and often.... comment period ends on April 30, 2014.

Get your comments in to the NY-DOT regarding HP Rail and weigh in on the stations in Buffalo.

Click on the link and you'll see a page with some background PDFs - if you want to get dipped in the concept and their thinking you can read the material.

Click on the "Comment" button on the left hand side of the page to weigh in.

Pass along to your friends/family/co-workers. It costs nothing to do it.

All aboard!

IMAGINE lecture featuring CRT President Funke and GBNRTC's Hal Morse

Recent Past 'IMAGINE' Lectures - C-SAAHN AUDIO Links:

February 18, 201 - 3rd Tuesday - History/Future

12:30 - 1:00 P.M. "IMAGINE a Healthy, Wealthy & Sustainable Community: Appreciating the Past & The Art of Investing Locally for Tomorrow"
Douglas Funke, President, Citizens for Regional Transit &
Hal Morse, Ex. Dir., Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council


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In 2020, Citizens for Regional Transit continued to shape and accelerate the conversation around improvement and expansion of bus and rail transit for all citizens of the Niagara Frontier.

We held public informational meetings to facilitate inclusive conversations on issues critical to expanding transit in the region.

We brought citizens, experts, and policymakers together to address issues including: the implications of midterm election results for transit funding; electricity and hydrogen as alternative energy sources for transit; and East Side development and transit access.

We worked with the Partnership for the Public Good on our plank to increase transit funding from Erie County.

We gained an understanding of the county sales tax structure and why it is politically challenging to change. We met with Deputy County Executive Maria Whyte, who encouraged us to work with the NFTA on new sources of funding. We obtained over 450 signatures on our petition supporting the PPG transportation plank.

We met with WNY elected officials at Transit Awareness Day in Albany.

We renewed old contacts and made valuable new contacts with elected officials who are influential in transit funding decisions at the State level. Follow-up meetings at district offices were held during the year to brief them on new developments and potential projects for transit.

Throughout the year, we have been busy with letters, opinion pieces, and interviews in local media; meetings with state and federal government representatives, presentations to community groups; information tables at events; attendance at meetings of transportation agencies and community organizations; written and oral comments on regional transportation plans; and more.


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